Friday, May 31, 2013

Satpura Paratha (Flaky Griddle Bread)

This is a flaky, layered griddle bread that can be rolled in a
couple of ways to attain the layers.
Here it is served with home made yogurt.
It also tastes very good with some mango or mango jam.
Great for a weekend breakfast.


3 cups whole wheat flour (atta)+ few tbsps for rolling
about a cup of water
salt and black pepper to taste
Ghee/ butter/canola oil about 1/4 cup or more as required.

Add salt and pepper to the flour and mix well.
Add 2 tbsps of the ghee and mix well.Now knead the
dough using the water till firm.
Keep aside for 15 minutes and then again knead a little till smooth.

Divide into about 15 pcs and make balls.
Dip in dry flour and roll into a small disc.


Apply ghee all over.Then make strip markings with a knife.

Roll one strip as shown in picture.

Now keep the rolled portion over the next strip and roll together.
Continue to keep the rolled portion on the next strip and roll together till all strips
are used.

This is how it will look once all the strips have been rolled.
Flatten a little and dip in dry flour.


Gently roll into a disc.

Heat a griddle and grease with little ghee.
On a medium flame cook the paratha till brown spots appear.
Smear some ghee on the uncooked side before flipping over.
Cook till golden.

Once its cooked, carefully take it out on the rolling board and smash it on the
board so that the layers separate.

Serve with side of your choice.
This tastes best eaten hot off the griddle.

There is another way of rolling this.
Aftre greasing the disc,make a hole in the centre.


Now gradually start rolling the dough back from the centre towards the outer edge,
using your fingers.

Once it is completely rolled, cut one side so that you have a long strip.

Roll into a circular  ball.

Now flatten a little and dip in dry flour and gently roll into a disc and cook as above.


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