Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fried Fish with a Thai Twist


1 lb Sole or Tilapia
salt to taste
2 tbsps thai red curry paste (or as per taste)
1/2 can of coconut milk
3-4 tbsps rice flour or semolina
1/2 cup oil for frying

Salt the fish and leave aside for 20/25 minutes.
Make a marinade of the red curry paste, the coconut milk and salt.
Coat the fish very well with this marinade and leave in the fridge for
a minimum of 30 minutes or upto two hours.

Now take the rice flour or semolina in a dish and add a little salt and mix well.
Dip each fillet in this and coat well on both sides.

Heat oil in a pan and pan fry the fish on a medium flame till crisp and golden.

Serve hot with chilli sauce of your preference.
I served it with homemade Kimchi.



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