Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mirchan Ja Pakoda (chilli pepper fritters)


25 mild green chilli peppers(or long hot peppers)
1 cup  white vinegar
3 cups water for soaking
3 cups besan(chickpea flour)
approximately 1&1/2 cups water for the batter
salt to taste
red chilli powder to taste(optional)
3 cups canola oil for frying
a pair of gloves :)


Wear gloves and wash the chillies.
Make slits in the chilli peppers.

Mix 1 cup vinegar with 3 cups water and a teaspoon of salt.
Soak the chillies in the vinegar and water for at least 24 hours. Or upto 3 days if possible.
This makes the chillies a little sour and less spicy.
If needed add a little more water to make sure chillies are completely submerged in the vinegar water.Refrigerate the chillies during the soaking process.

When ready to make the bhajiyas/pakodas, drain the chillies in a colander.
In the meantime make the batter. Put the chickpea flour in a big bowl, add salt
and red chilli powder and  1 and 1/4 cups of water and mix well. The batter should
be a little thick and not runny. If  too thick, add little more water.
Keep aside for about 15 minutes.The batter should not be lumpy after resting.

 Heat oil till almost smoking point in a deep pan.
 Lower heat. Very carefully take out a tablespoon of oil from the pan and add to the batter.
 Mix well. Dip about 4/5 chillies in the batter till well coated and lower carefully into the hot oil. Fry on medium heat as you want the pakodas to cook well .Turn over and fry till golden brown.

Drain on paper towels. Fry in batches of 4/5 till done.

Serve hot with chutney/ketchup.


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