Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pooris (Fried Bread)


These are made with whole wheat flour and are loved by one and all,
specially children. I have seen children's faces light up at the mere mention of poori.
It is very simple to make but requires extreme caution while frying.

Pooris can be had with alu/ dal/ murba/ papad/ dahi ( potatoes, lentils, sweet preserves,
pappadums, yogurt ) or it tastes great just by itself  also.

My husband loves to have pooris with chai (tea). So if i make puris for dinner,
i make sure there is some extra for him to have later with his tea in the night
as a snack :)

And as a kid my daughter would  quietly eat the vegetables that she was not fond of,
if i served them with pooris.

The below quantity may seem a lot, but believe me they fly once they are
on the table. And leftovers taste good too.


2 & 1/2 cups wheat flour
salt and pepper to taste
about a cup of water, maybe few tbsps more
about 3 cups oil for frying + 1 tsp (i prefer using canola oil )


Add the salt and pepper to the flour and mix well.
Knead the dough with the water.Make sure it is not very soft
or hard but firm. Smoothen the dough using the 1 tsp oil.
Cover and keep aside for 10/15 minutes.

Now make small balls from the dough; this quantity makes about 40.

Now roll these to a small disc.

I like to keep a few rolled before i start frying.
Heat the oil in a pan.It should be nice and hot.If it is not
hot enough the pooris will not puff up.

It is preferable to have a perforated ladle for frying
as it will drain the oil.

Once the oil is heated, you can test by putting a small piece of the dough.
If it sizzles and floats the oil is at the correct temperature.
If it sinks, the oil needs to be heated more.

Very carefully, slip one puri into the hot oil.

Gently move it so that it is covered wholly by the oil.
This has to be done very gently so that you do not pierce the
disc at any place as the poori will not puff up.

Turn the poori over to cook on the other side.

It is ready to be taken out when golden brown on both sides.
It takes about a minute per poori.

Drain on paper towels.

Enjoy pooris piping hot.
It tastes specially good on rainy days.
Served here with a dry potato preparation and Seero.


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